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Workout Posters

Workout Posters

Bruce Algra's world famous Exercise Workout Posters provide all the education and inspiration you, your students, members, or fitness enthusiasts will ever need. Algra's beautiful body building posters provide detailed illustrations with just the right amount of instruction to strengthen, develop, shape, or stretch every major muscle group. These eye-catching workout posters contain workout routines and fitness programs with colors that grab your attention - working to enhance any home gym to corporate facilities.

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  • Abdominal Workout Poster

    Abdominal Workout Poster

    Fitness buffs who have a facility or home gym will find this Abdominal Workout Poster a fundamental necessity. Anyone in search of accurate education, specifically for their users, should be using Bruce Algra's fitness posters. This Abdominal Workout Poster includes a detailed illustration of 8 of the most effective abdominal exercises. Algra has highlighted the abdominal and oblique muscle groups for easy identification and education.
  • Male Back Workout Poster

    Back Workout Poster

    This incredibly informative Back Workout Poster is designed to enhance the complete back muscles needed to strengthen your upper and lower back. This beautifully designed workout routine highlights key muscles involved for each exercise in bright colors insuring optimum toning and strengthening of your back. This body building program is a terrific aide to attain that great looking back and physique.
  • Biceps and Forearm Workout Poster

    Biceps and Forearm Workout Poster

    Enhancing the size and shape of the Biceps & Forearm Workout Poster are important to the male physique. Attaining arm strength and size comes much easier by following this exercise chart providing specific instructions and detailed illustrations by world famous artist Bruce Algra. The importance of knowing which exercises to do and how to do them properly is key to working out efficiently and safely. Get started with obtaining your arm goals by following this body building, fitness, and workout program.
  • Chest Workout Poster

    Chest Workout Poster

    Enhance your pectoral muscles with Bruce Algra's Chest Workout Poster. The poster highlights eight of the most effective exercises to develop, strengthen, and shape your pectoral muscles. It demonstrates the exercises with detailed illustrations, instructions and displays the assisting muscles being developed.
  • Complete Workout Series Posters

    Complete Workout Series Posters

    This exceptional package of the Complete Workout Poster Series is compiled in one optimal colorful package for added convenience to our customer. The incredibly informative instruction illustrated by Algra is sure to provide all the inspiration you or your clients will ever need. The expertise and optimal package of instruction is sure to please the most discriminating exercise customer. The exercise enthusiasts enjoy an array of color enhanced full range of muscle motion with every detail. Just imagine how you will enhance every work out program for yourself, your customers and exercise enthusiasts.
  • Dumbbell Chest & Arm Workout Poster

    Dumbbell Chest & Arm Workout Poster

    With the Dumbbell Chest and Arm Poster you can tone your shoulders, back, legs, and calf areas. Bright colors highlight the muscles being used during the exercise. The poster provides 2 to 3 exercises for each targeted muscle area that can be proficiently completed with dumbbells.
  • Dumbbell Set Workout Poster

    Dumbbell Set Workout Poster

    This dual set of Dumbbell Set Workout Poster is all you need when wall space and time for working out is limited. These 2 free weight posters include everything you need in a concise approach of having two or three exercises to develop and strengthen each major body part. Great illustrations, great colors, great body building posters for those looking for a great workout routine.

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    Special Price: $45.00

  • Dumbbell Shoulder, Back, & Leg Workout Poster

    Dumbbell Shoulder, Back & Leg Workout Poster

    The Dumbbell Shoulder, Back, & Leg Workout Poster shows you how to tone the major muscles in your body. It provides you with 2 to 3 exercises to develop your target muscle groups. Bright colors make education and identification easy and interesting. A great body building poster and exercise chart for those with specific needs or limited wall space.
  • Exercise Stretches Poster

    Exercise Stretches Poster

    The Exercise Stretch Poster allows you to properly stretch in the comfort of your own home or any fitness facility. This specific poster is designed for women. The stretches illustrated have beneficial impacts if done both before, and or after a workout. Each of the 10 different stretches are highlighted, and display the different muscles being stretched. This fitness poster is a must have, for anyone who is looking for an easy, go-to stretching guide.
  • Female Muscle Guide Poster

    Female Exercise & Muscle Guide Poster

    This Female Exercise and Muscle Guide Poster caters specifically to the female form, and is intended for the use of women. Among many of Bruce Algra’s fitness posters, this poster will enhance any home gym or fitness facility. This is one workout chart that has attained global use, as the chart illustrates the specific exercises necessary to shape, strengthen, and tone the isolated muscle groups. This chart displays the front and back muscular views, differentiating each muscle group with an array of colors.
  • Leg Workout Poster

    Leg Workout Poster

    Algra's Leg Workout Poster illustrates the beauty of the leg muscles in a detailed and colorful format. Eight free weight and machine exercises provide all you really need to strengthen and shape your leg muscles. Follow these drawings, techniques, and instructions to having more beautiful and stronger legs. An excellent exercise chart and fitness routine for those wanting the best leg workout.
  • Male Muscle Guide Poster

    Male Exercise & Muscle Guide Poster

    Bruce Algra's world famous Male Muscle Guide Poster is a workout chart known around the world for its classic look. Front, side, and back views of the male muscles have a vast array of eye catching colors that grab your attention and each major muscle group identifies the specific exercises to be done to develop that area. This body building poster and fitness program is a must for any home gym or weight training facility.

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